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Name:Aitwo (Ambertwo)
Birthdate:Jan 15
Location:Kanto, Japan
「Papa, I'm going to be a star in Heaven.」
「As long as you always come back to me, like Haley's comet.」

The head of the Mewtwo project, Dr. Fuji, only agreed to work for Team Rocket in order to fund his own research. He was already very interested in cloning living beings and reawakening pre-existing consciousness, all in order to regain the daughter he lost in a tragic car accident.

However, unlike the legendary Mew, Ai's genetic makeup is too weak to withstand the process and none of her clones are truly viable. Her consciousness lives only within the tank, locked in suspended animation, until she passes away after four short years.

Mad with grief, Dr. Fuji recreates her every time. Ai remembers each and every time and can only hope her father would someday stop trying to do impossible things, but she bears through with it, even though she's quite tired of it.

Ever a comforting, motherly soul, she spends her last moments comforting her father and then Mewtwo, thanking him for his tears, but urging him to be happy instead, because he's still alive.

「They say living beings only cry when their bodies are in pain. Humans are the only ones who let out tears when they're sad. Thank you... But please don't cry. You're living!」

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kanto starters, kindness, life, light, mama, mewtwo, motherly love, my remember place, papa, pokemon, self-sacrifice, stars, the world, wind, yasashisa
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